Yoga is many things: Movement with thoughtful awareness. An ancient practice with continuing relevance in today’s world. A form of movement which can be practiced in many ways ranging from rigorous to restful and restorative.

Chair Yoga is designed to bring the benefits of yoga to those who choose not to participate in a more traditional practice on a mat on the floor. It is a practice of yoga that offers a multitude of benefits including greater fitness and relaxation. 

For those who spend many hours sitting at a desk and computer, this is yoga that can be done at work with great benefit.

I teach yoga as a physical practice with attention to thoughtfulness and concentration. It is a combination of efforts of the mind and body. The best results of yoga, done on and off the chair, can provide better physical fitness, improved mood as well an opportunity for community in an environment of like-minded participants.


As with any new physical regime, health care professionals should be consulted before beginning.