"Say, Ahhhh. Say, Ommm..."

I have recently learned about an organization based in the Washington DC metropolitan area called "LifeinYoga." It is a non-profit, teaching and research organization.

According to the Kaiser Health News Organization, in an article published online on February 26, 2014,  LifeInYoga presents continuing medical education courses, on the health benefits of yoga practice, to physicians and other health care professionals.  Regarding a recent session, attendees reported their impressions.

"And at the end of the course, the students -- a group that included cardiologists, psychiatrists, and physician assistants -- stood up to speak about their experiences over the weekend. Almost every person used the word inspired."

In the Kaiser Health News Publication,  Ankita Rao reports on the efforts made by LifeinYoga.

Please read about this fascinating work by clicking here.