"Yoga, on a chair?"


Yoga, on a chair? Yes.

We often see images of yoga postures done by those with the luck of great flexibilty, or great strength. We may imagine that yoga is an unattainable, extreme physical practice.

Strength and flexibility can be gained over time,  with benefit to our bodies. But it is important to remember that yoga, as defined as breath in partnership with movement, is most valuable as a method for quieting the chatter of our minds.

What does that mean? In a moment with breath, the chin is level with the floor; the top of the head is called gently up to the sky lengthening the upper body; the chest is open; arms are long at our sides; our palms face forward softly opening our shoulders; our feet press into the earth. We inhale here to lengthen the spine, gently pulling the naval in.

Exhale.  Strength in tadasana,  mountain pose. We are seated on a chair.

The yoga is attention to these directions. And in that moment, the details of everything else soften.

Yoga,  on a chair.