A Glance Back

I am looking over my shoulder at my beginnings in Yoga.

I was first drawn to the physical challenge of yoga practice.

Then, it was simply a new arena for exertion, for my body.

I was active, with a busy family life and also a habit of taking on athletic challenges.

A distinction of my pusuits was that they were solitary. 

Historically, I was not drawn to teams or games, but to the challenge of besting myself. Running, riding, skiing, swimming--faster longer. I was a true believer in the "endorphin-high." And I enjoyed the solitary nature of it. Though alone in the efforts, I always watched the others around me. With determination, I asked myself, could I pass them?

As I think about my many pre-yoga years, I can discern what was a yoga-like nature in my sports. Even as I looked to get ahead of another on the course, I also enjoyed the meditative quality of being alone with it.

And then came yoga.

It took time, years, for me to come to understand and appreciate the "mind' part of the mind/body nature of yoga. It took time, years, for me to let go of the competetive piece as I came to my mat. At first, I looked around. Could I balance as well?  Could I reach as far?  Could I hold as long? 

With study and time and seasoning, I began to close my eyes and open my experience. I began to find balance.