Sit With Yoga

Here begins my exploration and continuous explanation of what that means to me.

Some history.

I was a girl in a time and place when athleticism by the likes of me was not celebrated. But, I found it for myself in the snow on the ski slopes and then running, through my twenties and to the starting line of a marathon at my fortieth birthday, and beyond. Always high on exertion, I continued to run and got on my bicycle and rode and then swam across lakes and dabbled in the pursuit of short triathlons.

In the meantime a nagging low back problem was not to be ignored. I tried many, many remedies. After over two years, after reaching a point where the limitations to my activity, including just walking, were not acceptable, I found myself in surgery. I was lucky. The outcome was good.

After the surgery, as means of recovery, I turned to yoga.