March. March. March.

Tulips on my table. They are yellow and lovely.

But, here's my small gripe:

Nowadays, I feel like I can pretty much get any flower at any time of the year. I remember, not too long ago, that to see the first tulips in big bunches for sale at the market in late February when we were just beginning to hope for Spring--that was something amazing. It was like the surprise and delight of fireworks. That experience has become diluted and a little bit, I feel robbed. The modern engineering of light and soil and seasons, has brought us all tulips, all the time.

That said, no matter what, I love tulips.

The yellow bunch on my kitchen table is some nice tonic to the persistence of snow, snow, snow outside.

About to break the ALL TIME RECORD in a winter for snowfall up here in New England.