Consider laughter.

Yoga class.

Enter a classroom.

Often, but not always, the lights are low. Often, but not always, it is quiet. 

Find space. Preparation for practice begins.

Often, but not always, there is a solemnity associated with the soft light and the quiet in the yoga room. This setting can help us start to turn inward. We are beginning, opening, letting go. 

But what about laughter?

What about a yoga practice that embraces laughter, encourages laughter, even forces laughter?

Today in the New York Times, I read about the healing powers of "laughter yoga." The piece presents wonderful photos of this practice in process.

Celebrating the power of laughter.

See the article here.

In classes I teach, we often pause and practice lions' breaths together. I describe the experience as a moment to take a break, a moment to clear our breathing, to strtetch. We widen the muscles of our faces. And, with encouragement, we laugh. 

We roar. It feels great.