More on mindfullness, more.

Webmd reports a list of the "12 Habits of Super-Healthy People."  The final offering is, "Be Mindful."

Here's what they say:

Be Mindful

"It can mean meditating or simply stopping to smell the roses. However you do it, studies show mindfulness slashes stress, relieves pain, and improves your mood. And scientists are beginning to understand how. One study found that 8 weeks of regular meditation can change parts of your brain related to emotions, learning, and memory. Even washing dishes can be good for your brain, as long as you do it mindfully."

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I say:

We are hearing recommendations for mindfulness more and more. Advice to "be mindful" is a common presence in the mainstream of modern information flow. Is it becoming a "hackneyed" phrase? Are we becoming immune to it?

It is important to hear the intent of the recommendation and to respond to it.

Slow down.


Acknowledge a moment. Notice how you feel, physically and emotionally. 

It takes some practice. Maybe it's in yoga.