Yoga and Arthritis

An article published by the Arthritis Foundation in their online publication "Arthritis Today," offers a discussion of yoga as a means of exercise for people with the condition.

In the article, by Susan Bernstein, Dr. Sharon Kolasinski of the University of Pennsylvania is quoted as saying,  “Yoga is definitely one option for patients with arthritis, but it also has benefits in the mind/body area. Yoga helps you relax and helps with stress reduction.” 

As I read the article, I am reminded to be sensitive to the limitations arthritis may present. But I am also encouraged by this endorsement. 

"Scientists are just beginning to examine yoga’s physical and mental benefits. A number of recent studies, including some conducted by Dr. Kolasinski, show that regular yoga practice can reduce pain and improve function in people with arthritis. With its gentle stretches and weight-bearing resistance moves, yoga can help build muscle strength and improve balance and posture."

I believe that the benefits of yoga are not reached by pushing beyond our limits. The benefits of yoga are reached by understanding the balance of effort and availability.