Yoga in Stressful Times, Yoga in All Times


In a blog piece published online by the US News and World Report entitled, "Yoga: A Surprising Solution to Your Political Stress," Jake Panasevich presents valuable thougths on the far reaching benefits of a yoga practice.  

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We are living in a turbulent social and politcal time; a confusing time.

With yoga, we can take a break to turn our attention inward, away from the strife of the day. Yoga helps us find some quiet. We can embrace this quiet and then bring it with us into the confusion and the turbulance.

This is not to say that we will turn our backs on the world. I mean, it is a method to  help be in the world. It is to say that a yoga practice helps us strengthen our bodies and our spirits. It gives us tools to go forward.

The very earliest writings about yoga describe it as a means to help quiet the "chatter' or the "fluctuations" of the mind. 

We can pave a way through.