Still breathing.

Many of the folks I work with are "boomers."

Teenage angst is long gone and mid-life crisis is fading in the rearview mirror.

With the wisdom of experience--look ahead!

Awesome daughter finding her future.   

Awesome daughter finding her future.



I follow Margaret Manning and her great website, "Sixty and Me." This is a wonderful, upbeat site offering all kinds of tips and thoughts and lots of encouragement for folks of all ages.

Check out the sixty and me website by clicking here.

On breath.....

In a recent post, Margaret Manning asks,  "Can breathing exercises give you a healthy aging boost?" And she answers,  "You bet!" 

Click here to see the recent piece and video POSTED, about BREATH, the essential basis of yoga.   

"Breathing is free. You can do it anywhere, anytime. It is a truly essential activity that can reduce stress and improve your health, energy level and mood. Start your journey to happiness today by clicking here: VIDEO."      (